LOWE abroad

LOWE abroad – non-vocational adult education and learning communities
The “LOWE abroad – non-vocational adult education and learning communities” project is thought to be a follow-up of the innovative project „modeLOWE Lokalne Ośrodki Wiedzy i Edukacji dla obszarów zdegradowanych i defaworyzowanych” carried out under the POWR programme, Axis II - Effective public policies for the labour market, economy and education and coordinated by the OIC Poland Foundation. It aims to improve the skills of LOWE staff in charge of lifelong learning and non-vocational adult education in order to ensure LOWE organizational sustainability and promote social inclusion processes with innovative methods and recognized tools, at local, national and international level. For OIC Poland it will be the opportunity to strengthen its organizational capability,  ensure knowledgeable workforce in adult education, international dimension for future possible cooperations.
The project partnership consists of:
1) Project Coordinator - OIC Poland Foundation
2) Project partners/ hosting organizations - DomSpain Consulting SL in Spain and NGO Human Resources Monitoring and Development Bureau in Lithuania experienced in the field on non-vocational adult learning, recognizing the value of lifelong learning as resource for the personal and professional growth and undertaking initiatives in favor of adult learners, disadvantaged, socially excluded groups and local communities.
3) 11 Local Knowledge and Education Centres (LOWE) located in 4 voivodeships
The project provides for 5-days structured training courses in Lithuania and Spain designed and delivered according to the identified mobility participants training needs, professional profile and work environment. 
Direct project target groups(mobility participants):
1. Administrative staff (1 coordinator, 1 animator) of 11 LOWE centres– in total 22 employees
2. Teaching staff (2 teachers, trainers) of 11 LOWE centres – in total 22 employees
3. 4 employees of OIC Poland (2 project managers, 2 teachers, trainers, counsellors) acting in field of non-vocational adult education 
Indirect target groups:
1. 11 schools supervising LOWE centres
2. 11 governing bodies supervising schools and municipalities
3. Educational brokers/ counsellors and volunteers engaged in LOWE activities
4. Local communities/ LOWE beneficiaries i.e. low-skilled, with lower educational attainment adults, disabled, long-term unemployed, young people with fewer opportunities , at risk of social exclusion, elderly, persons who benefit from social support, job seekers, unemployed, subject to LOWE scope of activity 
5. Potential LOWE partners i.e. local/regional authorities (District Employment Office, district Center for family support) etc. 
The direct project target group will be directly involved in the mobilities both to hosting institutions in Spain and Lithuania, as well as preparatory and follow-up activities. Indirect target group will benefit from knowledge, best practices transferred by mobility participants e.g. through organized workshops, meetings, local initiatives, exchange of idea. 
The project will ensure:
1) improved competencies/skills and professionalization of LOWE personnel (administrative and teaching staff) in the field of non-vocational adult education 
2) gain knowledge in adult training methodology and techniques, teaching methods & strategies, ICT solutions, etc.
3) broader understanding of practices, policies and systems in non-vocational adult education outside Poland
4) increased capacity of LOWE centres to trigger changes in terms of local community attitudes to LLL both for personal and professional developments and international opening within centres 
5) greater understanding the adult learners’ motivation and barriers to learning, sustaining motivation in a learning environment 
6) better quality of LOWE work and increased ability to conduct training needs assessment of local communities and accommodate identified needs in LOWE offer
7) greater understanding and responsiveness to social, linguistic and cultural diversity
8) improved foreign language competences to use international resources, OERs, European learning platforms, EPALE to enrich training plans, content areas 
9) building international partnership to facilitate the launch of  new projects and initiatives in non-vocational adult education
The project is in line with Erasmus+ KA1 action aims, responds to mission, goals and needs of the partners and consortium members and will allow to reach greatest potential of the participants and organizations involved as well as to bring positive and long-lasting effect on adult learners, disadvantaged groups and local communities.