Project duration: 01-07-2019 - 30-06-2022 (36 months)
The project is implemented in a transnational partnership within the EU, between Grupa Profesja Sp. z o.o. (Lead Partner), VsI Zmogiskuju istekliu stebesenos ir pletros biuras (transnational partner, ZIS), Nodibinajums "Latvijas Bernu fondsa" (transnational partner, LBF).
The project aims to raise social competences in the field of prevention and response to domestic violence. The new solution (including employee training programs and victim assistance programs and re-education of perpetrators of domestic violence) will focus on communication methods and intervention skills enabling employees to create an impact on perpetrators and protect victims of domestic violence. The target group is mainly employees of intervention services and aid institutions acting under the Blue Card procedure. Furthermore, the project follows goals, such as improving the quality and accessibility of services provided to families experiencing domestic violence. Those will be reached through training support for employees during the project implementation and implementation the new solution. 
Project stages:
1. Development of the solution in cooperation with a transnational partner
2. Testing of the developed solution
3. Analysis of the effects of the tested solution
4. Development of the final version of the products
5. Implementation of the solution in practice
6. Development of recommendations and instructions for user institutions. 
Products and outputs
-    1 summary containing the instruction, guidance and recommendation for entities, which will take part in the implementation of the new solution
-    90 employees of user institutions of the solution participating in implementation training
-    40 recipients of the solutions involved in the pre-testing
-    20 user institutions solutions testing the initial version of the solution
-    31 institutions that have implemented new solutions 
-    32 employees of user institutions of the solution who have acquired competence in the area of communication skills and influence on the perpetrator and victim of domestic violence.