Conference „Emotions – How to Cope in Learning Environments“ in Denmark
On the 10th of April the final project EMOTION - Tools for Effective Management of Emotions for the Baltic-Nordic Consortium of Adult Trainers – conference was held in Copenhagen.
The aim of the conference – to introduce the main project result which was developed during the 2 years project by partners from Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Faroe Islands and Iceland – the handbook about how to react and deescalate the emotions of adult learners. Those emotions common in the learning environment are anger, sadness, fear, etc. and adult trainers need strategies to help learners to cope with them. Also, adult trainers need tools to help their learners and themselves as well. Our handbook is all about that.
We are glad to have been part of the event and want to share some moments from it.

3rd project EMOTION meeting in Tórshavn
Tórshavn – the capital of Faroe Islands. Where is that on the map? No, not somewhere close to Canary Islands or Mallorca. It is a group of islands between Scotland and Iceland.
This is the place where we had a third project EMOTION partners’ meeting. Our partners from “Dugni” organisation are working in order to strengthen the labour skills of socially vulnerable society groups, help drop-outs to return to education system and open up wider possibilities for their further education and inclusion into labour market.
Project partners’ meeting has held on 10-11 of April 2018 in different departments of “Dugni” so we had an opportunity to get to know organisation’s activity in depth.
During the meeting the biggest attention was again devoted to the creation of the handbook with tools for emotional management. The main themes of the handbook: emotions, their suppression and management, anger management and de-escalation techniques, negative emotions at work and self-help methods.
Partners were satisfied with productive work and having a free time – enjoyed magnificent views of the islands.
Next project meeting is planned on 22-23 of August in Reykjavik (Iceland) where we are planning to finalise the handbook and start putting everything into the final result.

Project EMOTION – a promising partnership
NORDPLUS ADULT programme project EMOTION is gaining a momentum. With a wonderful beginning in August in Šiauliai (Lithuania), this time partners met in a beautiful old city in Latvia – Daugavpils. Project team has already prepared the first part of the handbook on emotional management.
The project idea and the main result are very important and relevant for partners from Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Latvia and, of course, Lithuania. Adult educators, teachers working in adult training centers and schools face difficult situations with emotionally vulnerable learners who unexpectedly might get angry or too sensitive, feel tensed or too passive, etc. Partners have decided to collect the examples of those cases and propose tools, ways to de-escalate negative emotions and improve communication between the educator and the learner(s) so that such situations could be avoided.
During the meeting in Latvia (2-3 November, 2017) partners planned further steps, suggested case studies to be used in the handbook. We have a lot of work to do but we are waiting excitedly for the moment when the handbook is prepared.
If the information presented here is relevant for you, we kindly invite you to contribute creating this handbook. Please fill in the following questionnaire about the difficult situations you have faced when working with adult learners:
Thank you!




The contemporary situation shows that the inability to manage emotions properly is a huge problem with negative consequences.
Every day media outlines the cases of violence against children, family members, relatives. The statistics is depressing – every 3rd women in Lithuania is abused, 42% of women in Iceland suffered physical or sexual violence.
Moreover, children are being bullied (Lithuania is in the 2nd place in Europe, Denmark – the 5th according the bullying rate). The specialists who have to work with target groups need effective tools to help their clients express negative emotions in a constructive manner and contribute to solving the most acute problems of society.
VšĮ Žmogiškųjų išteklių ir plėtros biuras (Lithuania) together with partners from Dugni (Faroe Islands), Mācību centrs plus (Latvia), Vestegnen HF & VUC (Denmark), RightNow ehf Research, Innovation and Skills (RRIS) have decided to prepare a handbook of tools for specialists working with adults having different problems – inability to manage anger, suppression of emotions, depression, etc.
On 23rd – 24th of August specialists discussed that the colleagues working in their organisations need knowledge, tools how to act in situations when during workshops, training or lessons a participant becomes aggressive or starts to cry. Specialists are working under stress and would also like to know about self-help methods.
The main themes of the handbook:
- Emotions, their suppression and management;
- Anger management and de-escalation techniques;
- Negative emotions at work and self-help methods.
It is planned to finish the handbook in October 2018, pilot it in 5 countries and present during the conference in Denmark in April 2019.
The project is funded by NORDPLUS ADULT programme.


NORDPLUS ADULT Project No.: NPAD-2017/10076
Project duration: 06 2017 – 05 2019
The aim of the project is to carry out a joint development work within the consortium and to create the Handbook with tools for adult educators working with social risk families, abusers, asylum seekers, NEETs and other disadvantaged groups on Emotional Management.
The 95 % of the people with whom the staff of VšĮ Žmogiškųjų išteklių stebėsenos ir plėtros biuras has worked in their interventions, trainings (implementing violence reduction programme, training on self-help methods) have expressed their problems being related to the inability to express emotions, anger in a proper way thus resulting in arguments, outbursts of abuse, violence, bullying or depression as a consequence, etc. The fact is that since the very childhood in the process of socialization people are usually taught to suppress emotions and this affects deeply their welfare, quality of life, relations, behaviour. 
In order to meet the detected needs, the following goals are established:
1. Prepare the Emotional Management tools for adult educators (Handbook).
2. To raise awareness among adult educators on the relevance of Emotional Management (Conference).
In order to reach the goals of the project 5 international meetings will be organised each of them being devoted for the creation of separate sections of the Handbook which will be later presented during the conference in Denmark in April 2019.
Project partners:
1. Project Coordinator VšĮ Žmogiškųjų išteklių stebėsenos ir plėtros biuras (Lithuania)
2. "Mācību centrs plus" (Latvia)
3. Vestegnen HF & VUC (Denmark)
4. Dugni (Faroe Islands)
5. RightNow ehf Research, Innovation and Skills (RRIS) (Iceland)