BoB as a Bait – BABBAT

The idea around BoB as a Bait or BABBAT, is based on the fact that we need to rethink education and try to encourage adults of all ages to use the educational opportunities that are to be found all around us in Europe.
Number of reports have showed that despite of many different efforts and projects the involvement of low-skilled and low-qualified persons who are in the strong need of improving, upgrading their skills is still low.
The most important approach here is to shift focus from the group to the individual, from the formal to more informal. This means that we must equip people with the skills to be more self-sufficient and find methods to attract them to different types of learning. People also must learn to trust themselves to have the strength, motivation to learn new things and with proper support to use the resources that are within their reach, like the IT, entrepreneurial tools and the Net.
This project, BABBAT is about designing better methods in the field of adult training created around fine educational tool called BoB aimed at main target groups, adult trainers and low skilled people.
The main objective is to create interesting, simple adult training tools, BoB as a Bait adapted to the
needs of low skilled adults.
Thus, our project is addressing several objectives:
1. Extending and developing the competencies of educators and other personnel who support adult
learners (105 of them will be involved in total during the testing process + 28 adult educators during 2 learning activities in Spain and Greece);
2. Improving and extending the supply of high quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of
low-skilled or low-qualified adults (at least 105 of them will be involved in focus groups and piloting of the project outputs);
3. To prepare tools increasing the motivation of low skilled and low qualified to take part in lifelong
In order to achieve those objectives the consortium of 7 European partners (from Estonia, Latvia,
Lithuania, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain and Iceland) have joined their forces into a 2 year project
to tackle this issues and contribute with their experience and knowledge to create the main outputs of the project:
1.O1 Adult 2 Adult – Creating training modulus and Textbook for adults’ trainers online.
2.O2 BoB as a Bait 1 – How to Use BoB as a tool in adult training. Creating training modulus and a
3.O3 BoB as a Bait 2. - How to recruit low skilled adults into lifelong learning – Marketing and
Motivation publication.
Project deliverables will be achieved as a result of 5 transnational project partners‘ meetings, 2 joint
staff learning events, 2 big international conferences in Czech Republic and Lithuania (with 200
participants and 6 low skilled adults brought by partners), 5 local dissemination seminars (with 125
participants). Each partners’ meeting will be devoted for not only for administrative project matters and discussions on project outputs, but also inviting adult trainers, meeting low skilled adults and asking them – how can we improve our work methods to get greater involvement of the target groups into learning process and improve their entrepreneurial, IT skills which would ensure their greater inclusion into labour market.
The project results, the learning obtained in LTTAs will be tested during the piloting process with the main target groups in 7 European countries:
1. Adult educators, trainers (after the LTTA in Spain);
2. Low skilled and low qualified adult learners (after LTTA in Greece);
The created outputs are expected to provide adult trainers around Europe the tools to attract more
low skilled adults into their training (through collected good practice examples, methods of work
–IO1), encouraging them not to drop the chosen learning path (through created marketing tools –
IO3) as well as to develop their entrepreneurial competences (using BoB – IO2) and IT skills (to use online platforms for learning).
The created outputs will be free of charge and shared on EPALE platform, Erasmus+ Results
Platform partners’ websites and project website and dissemination activities planned within the
frames of this project.