EU Member States, until relatively recently domestic violence (DV) was considered a private matter in which the state played only a limited role. It is only since the 1990s that violence against women has emerged as a fundamental rights concern. The effects of family violence are broad, impacting on the individual experiencing abuse, children who are exposed to the violence and the wider community. DV hurts deep inside and can leave permanent psychological and emotional scars, having huge impact on future life, functioning in society. Different strategies are created to tackle this problem. Services are created to help victims of DV, change behavioural patterns of perpetrators. Usually, those services are scattered and help provided for separate individuals. The background of our project is based on the belief that it is necessary to apply a holistic approach of helping all parties involved in domestic violence (DV) perpetrators (abusers) and victims of DV (women, children).
Our organisation together with partners from Iceland, Norway and Sweden prepared and was awarded NordPlus Adult 2016 grant to implement the project “Nordic-Baltic Collaboration in Creating Innovative Training Programme for Adult Educators To Work with Perpetrators, Women and Children who Suffered from Domestic Violence”.
The aim of the project is to develop 1) handbook of tools, methods and 2) innovative training programme for specialists working with perpetrators, victims of domestic violence (women, children) with the aim to promoting holistic approach of all parties involved in DV.
Other main results will be:
1. 3 international training for adult educators for experience exchange of working with perpetrators, victims of DV;
2. 12 local training workshops to transfer, multiply, evaluate the knowledge gained nation-wide for relevant stakeholders;
3. The competences and the work improved of 12 consortium members, 48 local training participants and 48 adult educators of pilot testing of the created programme.
The results of the project will be accessible on the project and partners’ websites, Handbook shared in each of the participating countries during local activities, training, the training programme accredited in at least one country.
Project partners:
1. Applicants and Coordinators - ŽISPB (Lithuania);
2. BIIA (Sweden);
3. Solstafir (Iceland);
4. Folkenuniversitetet (Norway).