Dreaming, designing, acting and celebrating Erasmus+ projects (DRAGON DREAMING) 
Active Women Association (Poland), Permacultura Cantabria (Spain) and ZISPB (Lithuania) in this project are concentrating on reinforcing the youth workers' competences for increasing the motivation and involvement of the young people with whom they work.
The main objectives of the project are:
1. To recognize and exchange the best practices of the three partners to the youth workers to recreate and encourage enterprise in youngsters, lessening the danger of rejection.
2. To teach entrepreneurial, management and inspiration abilities to the young workers of AWA, Permacultura Cantabria and ZISPB through a Dragon Dreaming Course, increasing their capacity to apply them in their associations and youth groups.
3. To assure an effective impact on entrepreneurship and youth society by the dissemination of the project activities and outcomes, including an e-book, Dragon Dreaming Movie and multiplier events.
After the trade exercises, the participants of the course, will use the Dragon Dreaming methods learnt with their separate teams of young people, in an inner 4 months’ workshop, sorted out by every institution. In this workshop, these youngsters will plan their own motivational course, using the Dragon Dreaming method and having the support of the youth workers, keeping in mind the end goal to characterize the project with the fundamental detail and quality to be decided for the Erasmus+ grant. Once that the proposition is composed, the youngsters will be urged to display the project in the next Youth call, either as a casual gathering or through their own particular associations.