A Positive Journey

Lifelong Learning Programme, GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnerships

"A Positive Journey"
Project duration: 2013-2015
Project summary:
“A Positive Journey” (APJ), through European cooperation, will address Stigma that disadvantaged groups face in their life’s journey – it will demonstrate that there is life beyond disadvantage.
Partners from UK, Greece, Lithuania and Italy will exchange best practice and create a media and communication learning toolkit to help tackle stigma. APJ will empower target groups in having a voice to record their recovery from whatever challenges they are facing or have faced in their life’s journey. APJ will provide an online platform to engage those who are, or at risk of, social exclusion to give them the opportunity to highlight their achievements in overcoming their personal challenges. Each partner will engage 12 disadvantage learners who will create the positive journeys using positive images: – this will include poetry, art, music, articles, videos and any means that they wish to learn to use to promote their positive journey. Participants will develop a variety of skills and also gain confidence in promoting their achievements that will be used to inspire others (for example, within PADMA’s Recovery College) to follow in their path and also to help participants re-engage in informal and formal learning in the future as a consequence of increased levels of confidence.
The project will:
• Lead to increase levels of confidence and self esteem
• Directly address stigma
• Increase media and communication skills for target group
• Address social anxiety and provide a platform where participants can voice their successes 
• Share best practice from EU partners in working with all media and communication platforms
Service users will speak about their experience at respective partner workshops, both during, and after project completion.
• Toolkit (including Positive Journey Plan) for engaging and working with disadvantaged groups to help develop their communication skills
• Exchange best practice through mobility partnership meetings
• Create service user online network of commonality related to interests, not diagnosis
• Build confidence and raise self esteem for clients
• Monitor and evaluate the project as part of the toolkit
• Disseminate the project through local stakeholders and media with finale at the Eden Project, Cornwall
• Participants will meet, engage and discuss promotion of their positive journeys, learn and share best practice from other cultures
• Create a self-sustaining web based platform to inspire others to take a positive journey
• Empower service users to create positive images as a means to combat stigma
• Interview local “disadvantaged” celebrity
Project partners:
• Plymouth & District Mind Association, United Kingdom - project coordinator;
• Volunteer Cornwall, United Kingdom;
• Cittadinanza Onlus, Italy 
• VšĮ Žmogiškųjų išteklių stebėsenos ir plėtros biuras, Lithuania.
The project is funded by the European Commission and it is administered by Lithuanian national agency Education Exchanges Support Foundation.