Behaviour Correction Programme

Many people experience strong emotions. When they are afraid or angry, for a moment their emotional expression reaches a maximum level - just like a tornado. This not only knocks out of balance the people experiencing those emotions, but also people that are nearby. Then there is a desire to suppress emotions so that they do not go beyond control. But the truth is that the more you try to suppress those emotions, the more they become stronger when they manifest. But the situation is not indispensable – skills that are newly learned can positively affect our abilities in dealing with conflicts and maintaining a healthy relationship with the surrounding ones. 
Behaviour Correction Programme is for people, whose inability to express their emotions in a healthy way affects the ability to control their behaviour. Those who are unable to control their emotions are most likely to react intensively to any situation, while others may not react at all. It is very difficult for that person to calm down and get back to the normal emotional state. It is necessary to change the behaviour that causes a person to suffer and learn to become aware of his or her experience and receive it accordingly. 
Behaviour Correction Programme seeks to develop the most important social skills that are necessary for the assurance of self-efficacy and self-control.
Therefore, this programme seeks to make people aware of their behaviour, understand the need, opportunities of its change, and its consequences.
Programme goal – to change participants’ misbehaviour by using different intervention models.
Training structure 
1) individual work (4 hrs. or 6 hrs.),
2) group work (4 hrs. or 10 hrs.).
Duration of the programme – 8 and 16 academic hours.
Price – 8 hrs. - 84,00 €, 16 hrs. 168,00 €
1) individuals that were directed by the Probation Office or police officers and who are obliged to participate in the behaviour correction programme;
2) individuals who have expressed their own desire to change their behaviour.