Asta Jaseliūnienė
-  Master's degree in Social Work
-  10 years practical work experience  (social work and social work organizer) with people suffering from psychiatric disorders and living with mental disabilities;  2 years experience coordinating international LLP projects (mostly Grundtvig Learning Partnership);
-  8 years experience in leading courses and trainings for social workers, social work students, social workers' assistants, volunteers and others;
-  Worked out (in team) and accredited programs for social workers;
1. Improving the quality of services by using the method of experience upbringing (24h)
-  Worked out (in team) and accredited programs for social workers;
1. Management of aggression in social work (24h);
2. Reflection in problem solving process (24h);
-  Worked out (in team) and accredited programs for social workers' assistants:
1. The basic of social work (40h)
-  Worked out (in team) programs for volunteering:
1. Training course for volunteers;
2. Training course for mentors;
3. Training course for tutors;
-  Created (in team) and tested methodical materials:
1. Integrating families at risk into labour market (160 pages);
Integrating young disadvantaged people into vocational environment (130 pages)                                                                                                                                                    



Gintarė Černikienė
Project Manager


• Bachelor's degree in English philology
• 6 years of experience of writing, coordinating and administrating projects; coordinating dissemination activities, reports writing
• Lecturer at the Project funded by European Social Fund Agency: „Efficient solutions for social and job (re)integration: I am, I can and I want to work: training courses for families at risk and disabled people about entrepreneurship and leadership, equal opportunities, effective communication, etc. 
• Worked with students, young people in 2008-2011 helping them to be involved into employment for several months abroad (as programmes coordinator), as well as into cultural activities (summer camps, conferences, festivals organization) (as a project manager)
• Manager of the Latvia-Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 project UBUS “The Unity of the Balts under the Sun” LLII-078 (writing project application, implementation of the project activities, writing reports, coordinating partners activities, etc.)
• Administrator of the project "Competent to do" LDV-TOI-2013-1-SI1-LEO05-05355;
• Translated workbook "Place and Train" (51706-LLP-1-2011-UK-GRUNDTVIG-GMP) into Lithuanian language
• Translated workbook “ETOS - Effective Training for Outsiders of the Society” (518564-LLP-1-2011-1-IT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP) into Lithuanian
Key competences:
• working in a team, responsibility, paying attention to details
• project administration/ coordination
• translation of websites, products

• interpretation in conferences, meetings, round tables, etc


Agnė Raubaitė
Agnė Raubaitė has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Areas of professional interest – addiction psychology, trauma psychology, prevention and intervention of PTSD, suicidology, art therapy, bibliotherapy, writing therapy and animal therapy.  
Has 3 years of experience in individual and group psychological consultations with social risk families, children, youth, children with complex development disorders and persons with mental disorders. 
Actively works in the field of domestic violence – consults people that used violence and also those who suffered and witnessed domestic violence. 
Participates in providing complex support to families which experience psychological difficulties or lack social skills. 
Organizes training for social workers and teachers that focuses on peculiarities of working with aggressive children, teenagers and adults. 
Participates in various international projects. 
Professional skills are developed by participating in international conferences. 


Raimonda Monstvilaitė
Raimonda Monstvilaitė has a Bachelor’s degree in Law and professional qualification of a lawyer. Active social activist, member of various organizations. 
Has gathered 9 years of experience on working with disabled people, individuals from risk families and NEET youth. 
Currently specializes in working with individuals that used domestic violence; with individuals that are under the supervision by Probation Office or/and individuals have returned from detention facilities. 
Has 5 years of experience of administrating and coordinating international and local projects. 2012 – 2015 was responsible for administrating an ESF project “Effective solutions for social and work (re) integration: I can and I want to work”.
Since 2012 organizes and administrates projects of social rehabilitation for disabled people.
The trainer has gathered a considerable work experience in organizing training and practical seminars for social workers, social workers’ assistants and general practitioners on the following topics:
• Improving Relationship between Social Workers and Service Users;
• Cooperation in the Social Work Team;
• Development of Emotional Resistance of Social workers;
• The Art of Communicating without Conflicts;
• Communication Etiquette With People With Disabilities;
• Methods of Self-Help in Overcoming Emotional Stress in Social Work;
• Teamwork;
• Increasing the Emotional Resistance of Nurses;
• Better Communication between Patients and Nurses;
The trainer not only organizes various activities, but also organises seminars for people that work in social work area. 
Has also prepared a qualification improvement program for social work specialists approved by the Ministry of Social Security and Labor of the Republic of Lithuania: „Meditation as a Way of Resolving Conflicts“ (16 hrs). 
She is constantly improving her qualification while participating in various seminars and national or international projects. 
While implementing international projects, she has been working with organizations from Italy, Great Britain, Austria, Hungary or Czech Republic. 
Has knowledge in the field of cultural differences.