About us

VšĮ Žmogiškųjų išteklių stebėsenos ir plėtros biuras (ŽISPB NGO Human Resources Monitoring and Development Bureau) is a non-governmental non-profit organization with 4 permanent staff members (director, 2  social programmes coordinators and accountant) and 6 volunteers who help organizing activities implemented by the organisation. NGO Žmogiškųjų išteklių stebėsenos ir plėtros biuras was established in 2010. 
We are seeking: 
•  to promote, develop and implement innovative social and educational initiatives at the local, national and international levels;
•  to promote and implement programs, projects and methods of the vocational and professional employment policy and spread models of good practice in human resource management;
•  organise and run non-formal education programmes for children, youth and adults; 
•  initialize and develop activities, that satisfies needs of the disabled, older or aged persons and promote international collaboration of this social groups.
Organization develops and implements various projects, initiatives and interventions at both national-local and transnational level, in collaboration with formal and non-formal adult education providers, research centres, associations, NGOs, social cooperatives, SMEs, training centres, local institutions, public services, schools, etc. The services are provided for different target groups: social workers, social partners, social risk families, disabled people, young people, young offenders, ex offenders, female offenders, etc.